Finally, I’m shedding my old skin.  

And watching as the new one is growing on me.  

Finally I have got my hair all grown up.  

I look different,  way more different than before.  

I speak in a different way..  

Think different and feel different.  

But I’m confused, about this change.. I’m confused where this new girl is taking me.. 

Is she making me a better person or destroying me..  

These new thoughts are beautiful but I’m scared if they are isolating me.  

I’m afraid at what path she is taking me,  hoping it would not lead to my end.  

But I have already held her hand because I have no choice.  

I like her,  but I’m afraid to trust her..  

I love to be with her,  but it is hard to believe  her..  

She won’t wish for anything bad for me..  After all she lives inside me, right?  

 this change…  I’m loving it..  I really am..  

But still,  there is a fear..  

I don’t know why I’m afraid, guess I have always been..  

Afraid to breathe..  Afraid to express, afraid to be me..  

Well,  feels like I’m not sure what she would bring to the table once she’d be here.  

Slowly, I’m shedding my old phase away,  preparing for a new one..  It is exciting, But it’s making my fingers rough..  It’s itching me.. Leaving numerous cuts, making me bleed..  

I’m afraid but I’m glad.. 


Because I’m slowly leaving my old self in the past.. 

Because I’m shedding my old self awayy..

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8 thoughts on “Finally.. 

  1. This is beautiful it kinda hit me because I’m going through the same thing these days. Change is always good though trust yourself for that process and live in the moment try to enjoy it. I’m sure you’ll be destined for great things ❤…

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  2. Every transition is first confusing and then adjusting :).by the way great work and impressed by ability of yours that how soberly you pen down the intangible and tangible transitions of life.Its like unleashing the various complexities.Thumps up for you..Keep writing

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